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As President of the Roselle Education Association, I am proud to serve our members and ensure that we continue to work in a safe and appropriate environment at all times, not just during a pandemic or crisis. Along with our executive board members and building reps, we have continued to work in the best interest of all staff members to ensure our contract is adhered to and our rights are not violated. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are treated with equality, dignity and respect. 

The past 18 months have been arduous for all of us to say the least, but we have proven that we are strong, dedicated and caring individuals who do our very best at all times for our students. This is not limited to COVID-19 and the struggles that we have faced with remote learning/teaching. We do this everyday when we step foot into our schools and are responsible for the education and well-being of our students. In fact, we do it as “second nature” and we should all take pride in our efforts. It proves that we are flexible, capable and diligent in fulfilling our job responsibilities at all times. 

The Roselle Education Association is not an entity alone. It consists of all of us! We are the union! It is important that we make every effort to stand in solidarity. When we work together, we gain better workplaces, improved working conditions and better benefits. 

As always, please reach out to your building reps or you can contact members of the Executive Board:

Rosemarie Longo, President

Arlene Ringwood, 1st VP

Alexius Southerland, 2nd VP

Laura Davis, Treasurer

Tonya Cole Scott, Recording Secretary

Chrystal Parr-Allen, Corresponding Secretary


In solidarity,

Rosemarie Longo